Lisbon 2018 | Innovation & Sustainability

Restaurante Mextizo

SpainSpainCompany Name: Montajes Dimaplac

Project description

Restaurant Mextizo is located in the centre of the city of Barcelona with a gastronomic fusion that highlights in its cuisine two different cultures: Mexican and Mediterranean. The space has 400 m2 of contemporary decoration with several different environments. Innovation was the key of the project and has been carried out by a hybrid system with Habito® and Placomarine® plasterboard, providing the maximum load capacity and impact resistance, and the required provision against moisture. To achieve a perfect finish on the ceilings, especially with the lighting and color chosen in this project, the contractor opted for the installation of 4PRO® plasterboard, obtaining a perfect result thanks to its four refined edges.


Montajes Dimaplac

Dimaplac consists of professional plasterboard installers with extensive experience in renovation, new construction and decoration work in private homes as well as companies and public places of all kinds. Every project, big or small, is a welcomed challenge. They work for the best architects, engineers and interior designers and are up to date with the latest advances in plasterboard solutions. Some of their projects include the Shakira recording studio and NBA Café.

Impact resistant
Habito has been used throughout the restaurant, giving the necessary robustness to affix the forniture and hang the decorative elements
Fixing capability
Habito The internal walls has been decorated with wooden slats screwed directly over the plasterboard.Part of the forniture is supported by Habito

Key Achievements

  • Support all the decoration and furniture directly over the plasterboard with Habito® system. When the wall needs another additional benefit, like moisture resistance, other PPM plasterboard has been included in a hybrid system.
  • Internal walls curved without losing the capacity of support the decoration and furniture with Habito®
  • Technical loft in the kitchen with high loads support by a structure with double H profiles and two Habito® plasterboards.
  • Acoustic insulation with Placo® Silence system with Isover mineral wool.
  • Ceiling that must support the lateral loads of sound-absorption wood ceiling + the load of a big lamp in the centre of the restaurant with a perfect finishing provide by 4PRO®
  • 120′ fire resistance with Placo® Fire system

Key Challenges

Mextizo restaurant has been a singular project where all the constructive systems had to be hybrids (plasterboard with wool, Habito® with Placophonique®, Habito® with PPM…) to provide the characteristics required in the project.
The internal walls (straights and curves) were decorated with wooden slats screwed directly to Habito® plasterboard. Part of the furniture is support by Habito® as well.
In the kitchen it was necessary to build a technical loft of 16 m2, supported by double H profiles with 2 Habito® plasterboards. This loft supports a charge of 2100 kg of installations.
In the centre of the restaurant there is a ceiling with 4 different gradients and different lengths that supports all the lateral charge of the sound-absorbing wood ceiling and decorative mirrors, adding the complexity of a perimeter cavity with the air condition grills.
Perfect finishing in ceilings was achieved.


Building owner:
Adrián Marin Gimeno
Juli Capella
Main contractor:
Montajes Dimaplac
Antonio Leao
Saint-Gobain Team: