Lisbon 2018 | Plasterboard

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

IrelandIrelandCompany Name: Castle Ceilings & Partitions Ltd

Project description

The New Academic Educational Building (NAEB) for the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland builds on the College’s heritage of excellence and innovation. The completed building accommodates surgical training, clinical simulation facilities, a 540 seat lecture theatre, tutorial rooms, a range of training rooms, a 600 student library, student sports hall, gym and associated support facilities.


Castle Ceilings & Partitions Ltd

We are one of the Leading Interior Specialist in the country offering an extensive range of products and systems. Specialising in Suspended Ceilings, Partitions, Dry lining, Ceilings Repairs, Skimming, Taping and Jointing, Carpentry, Raised Access flooring, Clean rooms, Mezzanines, Internal and External Rendering, Washrooms and Maintenance. Our extensive range of skills and experience means we are able to deliver on all types of projects and exceed our customers expectations. We provide affordable quality fit out solutions.

Fixing capability
Gyproc Habito Plasterboard Circulation areas
Acoustic insulation
GypWall STAGGERED – offering 59RwdB Lecture rooms and auditorium
Moisture resistance
Glasroc H Tilebacker Shower areas and gymnasium
Fire protection
Gyproc ShaftWall – up to 120 minutes Service shafts and escape corridors

Key Achievements

  • High levels of technical support provided during the installation phase.
  • Bespoke detailing and a wide range of different systems were used.
  • The construction of a 10-storey building with 4-storeys below ground in a city centre location, within budget and on-time.

Key Challenges

  • City centre location with issues regarding deliveries and access.
  • Planning regulations meant that in order to meet the client’s floor area requirements, the building is four storeys below ground.
  • A very technical project with high levels of interaction between Gyproc technical staff and project stakeholders.


Building owner:
Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
Henry J. Lyons
Main contractor:
Castle Ceilings & Partitions Ltd
Donal Murphy Photography
Saint-Gobain Team:
Barry Hennessy