Lisbon 2018 | Residential

Skyland Istanbul

TurkeyTurkeyCompany Name: Arkitekt Proje Tasarim Ltd. Sti.

Project description

Skyland Istanbul is currently the highest building in Turkey and one of the highest ones in Europe with a height of 284 metres. It has a valuable location on the European side of Istanbul with a 46.000 m² site area. Residence towers in question are parts of a bigger development with an office block and a mall – all of which around a square. Skyland has more than 1000 residence units with a variety of sizes and layouts offering a high-standard living experience. Rigips® products were chosen for the partition walls and ceilings since the concept dealer of Rigips Turkey, Arkitekt Project Design, had worked with the design office team from the very beginning for the systems and come up with details providing desired performance criteria.


Arkitekt Proje Tasarim Ltd. Sti.

Arkitekt was founded in 2015 as the concept dealer and know-how provider of Rigips Turkey. It has a working strategy of detailing the projects as well as carrying out the application process according to the suggested systems. Although this is only their second project, Arkitekt has worked as one of the contractors of a very large-scale project, Skyland Istanbul, and accomplished an outstanding detailing and application of plasterboard partition walls and ceilings in its residences.

Moisture resistance
Double Stud Single Rigips Moisture Resistant Plasterboard Partition Wall System (BD/Su/30*30.Y50.≥135)
Term cost
Single 15 mm Rigips Standard Plasterboard Metal Framed Wall Lining System (ADG/St/50.Y0.≥65) – Reduced AAC cost and faster application
Excellent aesthetics
Rigips Standard Plasterboard – Precise Ceiling Application & Smooth Finish
Single Stud Single 15 mm Rigips Standard Plasterboard Partition Wall System (BD/St/100.Y50.130)

Key Achievements

  • Successful ceiling application with a margin of error of only 2 mm 
  • Convincing the chief engineers to use galvanised profiles instead of hollow sections throughout the hallways where the details were challenging
  • Following the installation & application rules from the beginning until the end; such as complete application of 3-layer joint filler and use of corner tapes where these kind of details are generally overlooked at the construction sites this big

Key Challenges

  • Insufficient number of hoists and service elevators
  • Constant delays due to technical problems such as power and water cuts
  • Almost no margin of error for the hallway ceilings with continuous lighting
  • Damage risk due to the pipes being welded to the hollow sections in the wet areas
  • Multiple revisions for the ceiling structure because of the frequently changing electrical plans
  • Unpredicted costs by replacing materials exposed to rain due to the extreme setback caused by facade installation


Building owner:
El Bashayer for Education Services
Main contractor:
Walid Kamel
Saint-Gobain Team:
Maged Helmy – Projects and Specifications Senior Manager