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Stazione Alta Velocità Napoli-Afragola

ItalyItalyCompany Name: Sicorap srl

Project description

The futuristic station of Afragola (Naples), also renamed “Porta del Sud”, is an important railway junction designed to speed up the connections between North and South Italy and it is conceived as a bridge crossing and connecting the high speed tracks. The station is designed as an architectural system with a sinuous and “organic” articulation – following the typical style of the Anglo-Iraqi archistar Zaha Hadid – which calls to mind the image of a running train. It consists of a soft volume made of about 350 m of concrete, metal and glass. The particular shape of the station fulfills a dual function: a pedestrian tunnel connecting the various quays and an element of continuity between the railway and the surrounding landscape, able to put in close relation the two sections of territory that extend to the sides of the tracks.


Sicorap srl

The company has been operating in the field of dry systems and finishings for about 40 years. Engineer Raiola started his activity in the dry systems and interior finishes sector in 1977, quickly becoming one of the main protagonists in Italy. Subsequently he also undertook initiatives abroad, in particular in France and in Germany, where he realized 14 multiplexes, a hospital, two shopping centers, two hotels and some residential buildings. Specialized in the execution of technically complex works, over the years it has produced a total of about 40 multiplexes, 40 hotels, 30 shopping centers, various hospital complexes, football stadiums (Juventus stadium, Cagliari stadium) and accommodations.

Fire protection
Thanks to Gyproc Fireline, Lisaflam and Lisaplac it was possible to reach Class A1 and EI 120 especially in escape routes and technical rooms.
Productivity gain
Very short project deadline was made.
Excellent aesthetics
Thanks to Gyproc Flex 6 particular curves were realized, especially in atriums and interior common spaces.

Key Achievements

  • Close collaboration between contractor, project & structural consultant and Gyproc in studying the appropriate solutions to satisfy the design requirements, in terms of both aesthetics and performance.

Key Challenges

  • Time was the worst enemy, due to the fact that the opening event was early scheduled because of the presence of the major offices of Italian politics
  • Very high walls, with particular curved shapes. The installer had to study ad hoc structures to respect the planned project.


Building owner:
Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SpA
Zaha Hadid Architects
Main contractor:
Sicorap srl
Lorenzo Bartoli
Saint-Gobain Team:
Pasquale Cascone, Pasquale Molinari