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Tanzschule Schwebach

AustriaAustriaCompany Name: Trockenausbau Weger GmbH

Project description

The original intention was to build the new dancing school on the outskirts of Vienna as a conventional concrete building. However, a significantly shorter construction time convinced the building owner in favour of a lightweight construction in the form of a timber framework combined with dry lining. The architectural plans provided two residential units in the attic in addition to the dancing school premises on the ground and first floor. Accordingly, the building’s mixed use as an event location and residence led to enhanced requirements on the part of the authorities and the building owner with regard to sound insulation, fire protection and acoustics. The comprehensive use of dry lining made it possible to fulfil every requirement specified by the authorities and the building owner. The architect and the building owner also wanted to promote ecological construction in the city by opting for a progressive, low-energy timber and dry lining construction method.


Trockenausbau Weger GmbH

In 1987, the company Trockenausbau Weger GmbH was founded and employs up to 30 highly trained installers. In May 2010 Jürgen Weger took over his father’s company. Trockenausbau Weger is mainly specialized in dry lining and attic construction. A high quality standard and absolute adherence to deadlines is the basic philosophy of the company.

Fire protection
Glasroc F Ridurit, Fire protection boards (15&20mm): to ensure the fire protection regulations and to prevent the spread of fire in an emergency.
Acoustic insulation
Additionally to a special filling on the ceiling, another ceiling was suspended and fitted with a 5 cm thick Isover insulation layer.
Acoustic control
Rigitone Air: Rigitone Air ceilings were suspended for better room acoustics.
Term cost
Construction time and thus construction costs were reduced thanks to the lightweight timber frame construction combined with dry lining.
Environmentally friendly
Lightweight construction in the form of a timber framework combined with dry lining instead of a concrete building.

Key Achievements

  • Ten installers were on site for more than one month, where they completed the dry lining in close coordination and sometimes side by side with the other trades on site (electrical engineering, building technology, event engineering).
  • The collaboration between the main contractor, the installer, the building owner and the architect made it possible to change the formerly planned concrete building to a timber frame lightweight construction, which was built a lot faster and promotes the sustainable construction method.
  • With special technical advice of RIGIPS Austria all the fire protection regulations could be met with (economical) solutions.
  • A proper solution for the sound insulation was found by using a special filling, which was applied on the ceiling to decouple the dancing school from the residential units from an acoustic viewpoint. Additionally, another ceiling was suspended and fitted with a 5 cm thick insulation layer.

Key Challenges

One of the greatest challenges facing the installers in addition to the high technical requirements was the short construction time frame. The team had just over a month to bring the entire timber and dry lining construction into compliance with fire protection regulations. A total of 10,000 square metres of dry lining were installed.
There were also additional fire protection requirements for cladding the shaft walls for the entire installation, building management and event technology in the building – to prevent the flames from spreading from one floor to another in the event of a fire.
The demands placed on sound insulation and acoustics to ensure the inhabitants of the residential units in the top floor had no reason to complain about dance lessons or events were no less demanding.


Building owner:
Schwebach Immobilien GmbH
Architekt Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ralf Pritsch
Main contractor:
Weissenseer Holz-System-Bau GmbH
Harry Schiffer, Christopher Kelemen
Saint-Gobain Team:
Jens Koch (Timber), Manfred Krammer (Key Account Manager), Christian Göres (Technical Department)