Lisbon 2018 | Non-residential

Technical University Delft, Campus Applied Sciences

NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: MAT Afbouw B.V.

Project description

The new Applied Sciences building of the Delft Technical University is located at the Southside of the Campus, which is the future expansion area for the University for the upcoming decade. This state-of-the-art building houses the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The very high standards and demands that were set for this building are an absolute necessity for its users to continue to perform and compete at the highest international levels. In the building a substantial amount of attention was paid to the well-being of the people using it, with eye-catching and aesthetic design and finishing in the atrium, acoustic comfort controlled with sound absorbing wall-linings and abundant light entry through the special design of the roof/ceiling. In the laboratories, where high-tech NANO technology research is performed, extreme measures were taken to ensure zero vibrations and an extremely stable temperature. The new building is used daily by 600 employees and 800 students.


MAT Afbouw B.V.

MAT Afbouw BV is one of the leading Dutch companies, specialized in all forms of dry-walling. MAT distinguishes itself in finding innovative solutions in the field of sound-isolation, fire prevention and acoustical issues. The company is also supplier of seamless climate-control ceilings, developed by herself. Further MAT is, at this point, one of the two certified Dutch companies, actively operating to install burglar-resistant and bulletproof constructions, based on the principles of dry-walling . With a team of 180 enthusiastic professionals MAT excels in accomplishing complex projects. Complex in terms of high stress levels and logistic challenges, where in-depth knowledge and well-tuned financial skills are required to flourish. Founded 38 years ago, MAT delivers undisputable high quality by linking innovation with craftsmanship, high quality and a competitive price level. Since 2014 MAT Afbouw is an independent company led by CEO and owner mr. Marco Mooren.

Acoustic control
acoustic comfort (reverberation time) controlled with sound absorbing wall-linings
Interior thermal insulation
For the laboratory extreme measures were necessary to ensure a stable temperature, with varations of max + / – 0,1 ⁰C .
For the laboratories, extreme measures (dilletations) were necessary to ensure a vibration free space with zero vibrations.

Key Achievements

  • Co-engineering and installation of vibration-free high-tech laboratories
  • The invention of a tailor-made solution by prefabrication the atrium ceiling
  • Very high-quality aesthetical and technical performance
  • High attention for the well-being of the people working and studying in the building resulted in acoustic comfort, abundant light entry, combined with an aesthetic design with high quality finishing.

Key Challenges

  • Limited time available to install the total Atrium area and its complex ceiling/roof window construction
  • The technical engineering and installation of the ‘vibration free’ laboratories
  • High quality finishing requirements (e.g. Q4 finish of Atrium ceiling)


Building owner:
Technical University, Delft
Ector Hoogstad Architecten, Rotterdam
Main contractor:
Aannemerscombinatie Hurks-Kuijpers/ULC, laboratoriumspecialist Waldner, Den Bosch
Petra Appelhof
Saint-Gobain Team:
Bas van Kempen