Lisbon 2018 | Residential

Torre Residence Trend Nova Carlos Gomes

BrazilBrazilCompany Name: Maiojama

Project description

The multiple use building, Trend Nova Carlos Gomes, built by Construtora and Incorporadora Maiojama, is a bold and exclusive project, consisting of two commercial towers (corporate and office), a residential tower (residence), a Smart Mall and parking with more than thousand places. The Residence Tower has 226 units distributed in 17 floors. They are studios and duplex apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms. The relevance of this project is related to the penetration increase of drywall in the residential sector in Brazil. Walls and ceiling were installed inside the units and in the common areas of the tower, exploring all the drywall system potential regarding comfort, construction technology, aesthetics, safety and acoustic performance.



Born in 2005, MB Rodrigues, now known as Masterwall Sistemas Construtivos, began its activities with a focus on providing installation services of the drywall system for builders and architects. In 2009, with important clients in the curriculum, MB Rodrigues added the distribution of products, being today one of the main suppliers of the dry construction market in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, concentrating its forces in three fronts: distribution of products to the reseller market, trade in products for final consumers and professionals, and aggregate sale of materials and installation services focused on corporate environments. MB Rodrigues (Masterwall) has always sought, in all its operations, to ally ethics, technical knowledge and focus on people (employees and customers). These principles that have guaranteed over the years, the growth of the organization and the creation of strong relationships based on trust and credibility with customers and business partners.

Acoustic control
Acoustic / Gyptone Big Quattro 41 Common areas (Dancing Hall, Party Place, Fitness and SPA)
Moisture resistance
Moisture Resistance / RU Board and Glasroc H Indoor and heated pool

Key Achievements

  • Differentiated management model, top team of technicians and engineers, technical know-how, and intensive study of the project
  • Trust and transparency
  • The acoustics project also provided for these areas the installation of a double liner, suspended by elastic hangers, where each layer of liner received 50mm glass wool. Also in these environments were wall coverings and antechambers with double structure and double layer of standard board

Key Challenges

  • Residential building designed in drywall system which fulfill Brazilian building performance standard.
  • Double ceilings in common areas such as Dancing Hall, Party Place, Fitness and Spa Centre: combination between design and acoustic comfort, considering the apartments below this pavement
  • Solution for indoor and heated pool guaranteeing the clean and sophisticated concept
  • Use of Glasroc® H in Swimming pool area
  • Partnership between Placo® and Masterwall in the specifications and project detailing


Building owner:
Marilucy Rodrigues
José de Barros Lima
Main contractor:
Marilucy Rodrigues
Saint-Gobain Team:
Carlos Caruy