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Vietnam Television Center

Viet NamViet NamCompany Name: Hoang Nhat Hong

Project description

Vietnam Television Center is a state-owned project located in the heart of Hanoi capital city. The iconic building marks 47 years of development of VTV – the biggest television station in Vietnam. The building consists of 44,000 square m2 of office space, 17 film production studios, data centers, a restaurant, and 5 conference rooms. It is the biggest film production center in Vietnam with a capacity of working place for 4,000 employees. A large amount of drywall is used for internal walls, satisfying the different and complex requirements of this particular building.


Hoang Nhat Hong

Hoang Nhat Hong Co., Ltd was established in 2001 specializing in interior and exterior decoration of constructions. More than 15 years of development, it has executed the construction works mostly in North of Vietnam. Hoang Nhat Hong have mostly been working on state-owned projects, commercial centers, and residential buildings.

Acoustic insulation
For studio, system of VTI V-Wall 100/102 + x2 layer Gyproc RG 12.7mm bringing up 52dB sound insulation
Fire protection
System of VTI V-Wall 90/92 X 2 layer Gyproc RG 12.7mm to provide the performance of 60 min fire protection

Key Achievements

  • A success to penetrate a great amount of drywall into such a state-owned iconic project
  • Satisfying complicated requirement of functioned room such as film production studios
  • Performances of fire protection sound insulation were secured.

Key Challenges

  • The biggest challenge is how to change the traditional brick to drywall since the stated owned projects normally has a complicated decision making process.
  • Tall walls in some particular areas and functioned room such as film production studios (8-10 metres high) which need extra reinforcement of metal frame structure.


Building owner:
Vietnam Televition (VTV)
Main contractor:
36 Corporation
Nguyen Xuan Chinh
Saint-Gobain Team:
Project Sales North, Technical Team