Lisbon 2018 | Plaster

World Knowledge School


Project description

World Knowledge School is an international school located in 6th of October City. The school is designed to provide a well-balanced academic atmosphere to students in preliminary, intermediate and high-school stages. It is the first building in Egypt to use ICF (Insulating concrete forms). This technique was used to ensure fast track project with high thermal insulation characteristics while minimising the dead load of the building.



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Term cost
Gyplast material cost per m² compared to competitive solutions is not too low but the gain from the application saving offset the higher material cost and privileging the use of Gyplast system.
Productivity gain
The bonding strength of Gyplast on Fair-face surfaces were the decisive factor to use Gyplast compared to competitive solutions.
Acoustic control
The higher thermal and acoustic performance of Gyplast were a plus for using Gyproc systems.

Key Achievements

  • Complete leveling phase of the whole project in only 3 months and ahead of the project’s schedule.
  • Support the installation the first project using advanced lightweight construction techniques for the first time in Egypt.
  • Achieve the required thermal and acoustic comfort for occupants.

Key Challenges

Applying time: plastering application time was tight to achieve the whole project in one year.
Compatibility with ICF concrete.
Sustaining the lightweight advantage gained from using ICF.
Fire rating.
Thermal insulation properties.
Acoustic performance.


Building owner:
El Bashayer for Education Services
Main contractor:
Walid Kamel
Saint-Gobain Team:
Maged Helmy – Projects and Specifications Senior Manager