Prague 2016 | Innovation & Sustainability

42 Maslak Hotel

TurkeyTurkeyCompany Name: Esdo İnşaat A.Ş.

Project description

This project is an environmentally friendly, multi-functional living complex located in the centre of Istanbul. It has LEED certification for each of its blocks (LEED Platinum and LEED Gold). The complex consists of apartment flats, hotel rooms, offices, a spa centre, a gym, a swimming pool, an art centre and shops. The contractor enabled the project to easily meet the requirements of the LEED criteria by persuading the architect and the project manager to use Rigips plasterboard systems rather than traditional systems (block walls and plasterboard with iron box profiles). Moisture resistant systems for high humidity conditions and multiple layer plasterboard systems with galvanized metal profiles were used in order to meet the thermo-acoustical insulation and fire safety requirements, which were of utmost importance. The tight deadline was also a challenge for the contractor due to its expansive size, totalling 250000 square metres.


Esdo İnşaat A.Ş.

Esdo İnşaat, has been a nationally and internationally active Turkish sub-contractor for construction and decoration since 2005. Several hotels, shopping malls, residences and offices in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Dubai are constructed by Esdo İnşaat. The company is committed to quality and speedy workmanship and works as an attentive professional team.

Interior thermal insulation
Dry lining provided high energy efficiency for the building which is crucial for LEED certification
Acoustic insulation
Standard plasterboard with up to 61 dB sound insulation
Moisture resistance
Use of GlasRoc H plasterboard for swimming pool and spa area, and MR board in bathrooms
Fire protection
Fire resistant plasterboard

Key Achievements

  • Conversion from iron box profiles to galvanized metal profiles
  • Conversion from block partition walls to drywall
  • Performance beyond regulatory requirement (up to 61 dB)

Key Challenges

In Turkey, there is a prejudice against plasterboard systems with galvanized metal profiles. Block walls are preferred as partitions and iron box profiles are preferred if plasterboard is chosen to be used for the walls or ceilings. Decision makers in Turkey are not very aware of the advantages of plasterboard systems with galvanized metal profiles. Iron box profiles are rigid elements anchored directly to the main load bearing structure and they do not provide flexibility, which results in cracking problems. This wrong system gives plasterboard a bad reputation. The contractor had to fight against these prejudices and prove that Rigips plasterboard systems can provide the right solution, whilst at the same time satisfying the LEED Platinum criteria in this project.


Building owner:
Bay İnşaat A.Ş.
Chapman Taylor
Main contractor:
Esdo İnşaat A.Ş.
Kemal Tuğrul Sümer
Saint-Gobain Team:
Nurdan Altınkılıç