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BrazilBrazilCompany Name: Mavigesso Arte Gesso Ltda

Project description

This 1623 square metre auditorium is part of the Barracão Forum, a government building and the State Court of Justice. The project demanded high levels of sound insulation and presented various challenging and complex aspects. These included difficulty to access the installation areas, several points of facilities on the ceiling, curvatures and gradients on the surfaces, and little runtime to deliver a high standard of aesthetics. The Rigitone solution of Placo was chosen and impeccably installed to meet the requirements of the ceiling, which was designed using a technical structure with undulations and slopes to avoid stationary sound waves and improve acoustic absorption. This successful endeavour highlights the auditorium as one of the most beautiful and functional in the state.


Mavigesso Arte Gesso Ltda

The Mavigesso Arte Gesso Ltda is located in Maravilha, Santa Catarina and it is specialized in drywall and steel frame construction systems and removable ceilings. It has been in operation for 18 years and its owners are Antônio Francisco do Santos and Clarice Tomelero dos Santos.

Productivity gain
ST boards – For dry areas, walls of the jury room.
Acoustic insulation
Rigitone 12-25 Q – Spaces with acoustic requirement, Isover Glass Wool Walls and ceilings of the jury room

Key Achievements

  • The Government of Paraná bid the work of a new building for the Forum de Barracão, as the builder and developer had already made several works with Mavigesso, it outsourced the running for the part of liners.
  • The architectural design and specifications also indicate a system similar to Rigitone. It was possible to use Rigitone due to the quality and reliability of Placo.
  • Due to the complexity of the installation the Mavigesso installers were trained and supervised by Placo, a key factor for the process and excellent installation.
  • The construction and also the supervisor engineer had an important role during the installation process, supporting the installers and providing all the demands needed. Both considered this auditorium as the most beautiful one in the state of Parana.

Key Challenges

It was the first experience of Mavigesso and the buider with Rigitone. So, Mavigesso had a big challenge in qualifying its team and deliver an excellent result to keep the builder confidence in it is job. Due to the sound absorption of Rigitone and partnership with Placo, Mavigesso presented and influenced the builder to choose Rigitone. Runtime: The work was performed in only 15 days. Installation and demarcation of the details of the project: a major difficulty was the bending angles and levels of the project, but with the flexibility of the plasterboard it was possible to meet the project as it was conceived. Vertical transport of materials: the materials were placed to the installation location manually and possibly with the aid of ropes. Compliance with facilities: due to the large number of lights and air conditioning vents, in the various areas of the structure profiles were interrupted and received reinforcements and hangers for additional support.


Building owner:
Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Paraná
Rodrigo V. Martins
Main contractor:
Mavigesso Arte Gesso Ltda
Daniel Andreas dos Santos
Saint-Gobain Team:
Carlos Caruy and Douglas Meirelles