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Bed by Cruise @ Samakkhi-tivanont

ThailandThailandCompany Name: Bed by Cruise

Project description

Bed by Cruise was a renovation carried out on an old commercial building. The hotel offers a choice of 93 rooms in five different styles for guests and their families. Guests are able to experience a comfortable stay with furnishings designed to create an ambience of a luxury cruise ship, yet at an affordable price. The hotel offers convenience of travel for civil servants, business people and tourists, both in Thailand and to/from overseas destinations. Bed by Cruise hotel is located on Samaggi junction, Tiwanont Road close to major attractions for both the public and private sectors, such as the Ministry of Commerce, Central Chaeng Wattana Government Complex, Impact Muang Thong Thani Exhibition Centre and Don Muang International Airport. It was important and challenging to use drywall systems for this renovation hotel because all brick wall had to be changed to drywall for both wet (moisture resistant) and dry areas.


Bed by Cruise

For the Bed by Cruise Project, the owner hired their own labourers and sent them to Bang Pa In Training Centre to learn about DryWall Systems. There were also foreman to manage this project and Gyproc’s technical team also helped on site.

Excellent aesthetics
The high quality and flexibility of the gypsum board enabled it to be designed in a curved shape to deliver a more modern aesthetic.
Acoustic insulation
GypWall Soundguard (DuraLine 13 mm) used for walls between rooms and corridors
Interior thermal insulation
ThernaLine 59 mm used for the concealed ceiling on the 4th floor
Moisture resistance
MR Board 12 mm used for bathroom walls

Key Achievements

  • Good collaboration among Gyproc Thailand technical and Contractor team in term of installation guidance for the successfully short period of renovation
  • DryWall system is really suitable for transforming this kind of old commercial building to modern look accommodation
  • Gyproc’s acoustic performance truly matches with the major residential criteria in term of sound insulation (privacy)

Key Challenges

The inspiration of designing is from the location which is near the main river of Thailand. That is the reason why all rooms are decorated in Cruise ship style. The product that meet the requirement of decorating the guestroom design must be the material that can create the curve shape, save time and cost, and suitable for transforming the old commercial building to be a nice boutique hotel. The building is quite old and has so many thing to fix before the renovation. Gyproc’s products, systems and technical support have matched with the requirement of this hotel’s renovation and transforming.


Building owner:
Bed by Cruise
Bed by Cruise
Main contractor:
Bed by Cruise
Mr.Kittipop Prasarnthong
Saint-Gobain Team:
Gyproc Solution Center, Gyproc Training Center, Gyproc Technical Support