Prague 2016 | Plaster

Blauw Kasteel

BelgiumBelgiumCompany Name: Emic

Project description

This majestic organic farm with adjacent offices and impressive residential parts is located on a castle estate stretching over more than 36 hectares in Scheldewindeke. The owner wished to restore the former ambience. A new residential building was constructed on the foundations of the original castle. A copy of the existing old part, which is used as offices, was built opposite as a sports and relaxation space. This creates a wonderful U-shaped whole. The buildings were treated with 5000m² lightweight Gyproc X Pro spray finish plaster, respecting the original elements while giving due consideration to current requirements. Organic forms were exuberantly combined with taut lines. Gyprocem 650 cement plaster for internal and external applications was also used as a foundation layer on the walls of the swimming pool. XPrim and Betongrip Easy treatment products were used, depending on the substrate. The walls of the underground car park were covered with impact resistant DuraGyp Comfort.



EMIC Stukadoorsbedrijf delivers high-quality plastering for businesses, institutions and private individuals. EMIC’s story began in 1996. Manager Hans Everaert grew up the son of a carpenter. Hans also liked to use his hands, but wanted to go in a different direction. He started as a self-employed plasterer, forming Plafonneerwerken Everaert. He started to get more and more work, mostly due to great word-of-mouth. In 2005 Hans and his wife set up EMIC Stukadoorsbedrijf, which markets itself with a young image. The company now has 60-70 skilled workers split into ten or so teams.

Excellent aesthetics
Plaster X Pro – High quality surface
Impact resistant
Partitions Duragyp Comfort – Impact resistance
Moisture resistance
Plaster Gyprocem 650 – resistant to conditions in swimming pool area

Key Achievements

  • Due to its many years’ experience and good references, EMIC was able to convince the clients that it would deliver a seamless result. It has a perfect command of the right techniques for applying and treating our long-lasting Gyproc spray finish plaster.

Key Challenges

The biggest challenge was combining the straight and curved plaster forms on various substrates (brick, concrete, Gyplat, metal wire) and in combination with various other building materials.


Building owner:
Peter Denoo
Bernard de Clerck
Main contractor:
Verstraete Bouw
Fons Condes
Saint-Gobain Team:
Wim Goossens, regional manager