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Eaton House

IrelandIrelandCompany Name: Platt & Reilly

Project description

Eaton Corporation Plc is a multinational power management company founded in the United States and based in Ireland, which provides solutions to its customers to manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton House is a 5 storey 3,878 square metre (41,700 SF) office building over a single storey car park located in a historic Georgian block in Dublin, Ireland. The building houses executive offices, support staff, meeting rooms, huddle and conference spaces and a board room, all with state-of-the-art AV and connectivity for global operations of the Eaton Corporation. Gyproc Twin Frame Partition systems were used extensively throughout this project to ensure high levels of sound reduction and separation, and to meet the strict acoustic requirements as required by the building client. The construction of the building itself was challenging in terms of integrating a contemporary structure within a traditional Georgian landscape within the conservation guidelines.


Platt & Reilly

Established in 2001 Platt & Reilly are one of the UK and Ireland’s largest and most competent partition and ceiling contractors. Their growth since inception has seen them grow to an €30M average turnover. Platt & Reilly has built on their reputation of delivering some of the most prestigious projects both in Ireland and the UK, to the highest standards, on time and on budget. Their management and workforce is the keystone to their success.

Acoustic insulation
Gyproc twin framed partitions offering optimum levels of sound reduction were utilized in all conference and huddle areas throughout the facility

Key Achievements

  • High levels of technical support at design stage ensuring all the clients specific requirements were met satisfactorily
  • Successful integration of a modern structure within a traditional Georgian landscape
  • Contribution towards the LEED certification process

Key Challenges

  • To demonstrate the suitability of our products in contributing towards the LEED certification process.
  • To design and construct a contemporary office space within the environs of a traditional Georgian street façade.
  • To ensure that all Gyproc installed systems offered the required level of acoustic performance to meet the client requirements.


Building owner:
The Eaton Group
Seamus Thornton of Michael Collins & Associates, Dublin
Main contractor:
John Sisk & Sons Ltd
Maxwell Photgraphy
Saint-Gobain Team:
Barry Hennessey