Prague 2016 | Non-residential

"Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena" Grammar School

SerbiaSerbiaCompany Name: TRONTEX doo

Project description

This Grammar school is built in a great location next to the Danube River. It contains a reception and assembly hall, ceremonial hall, canteen, kitchen, sanitary block and technical room on the ground floor, specialized classrooms and terrace and auxiliary rooms on the first floor. For the interior design, traditional techniques such as plaster work, as well as contemporary techniques including specially designed epoxy floors in the hallway and classrooms were both applied. The main concept for the interior design was the fusion of traditional and contemporary architectural expression, which can be seen in particular through the aesthetic contrast on the ground floor.



Company TRON TEX Ltd. is a private company with a 15-year tradition in the performance of gypsum works, machine plastering and the sale of building material. It has a rich experience of cooperation with related companies in the country. As such, it represents an example of a company which promotes practical knowledge and encourages employees to develop their skills and creativity. Together with their collective, the company TRON TEX sets the vision for future buildings and is heading towards the development of company placement quality products and services. Its success is based primarily on the quality of its services and it’s reasonable prices. The long-term goal of the company broadly is to increase its projects in construction or general building, and foster a successful business relationships with all of its clients.

Key Achievements

  • Architects were able to express their experience in exterior and interior school and thanks to excellent coordination with contractors and financial support to investors, the project was successfully completed.

Key Challenges

  • Had to agree the height of the project in compliance with the urban plan and in accordance with the requirements of investors.
  • Had to achieve a harmony of preliminary design with applied materials.


Building owner:
IQ INDIVIDUAL, Kemenjar 3/3 Novi Sad
Nemanja and Mina Milicic, arch.
Main contractor:
Tron Tex, Futoski put 40b, Novi Sad, Serbia
Nemanja Milicic
Saint-Gobain Team:
Rigips Serbia: Vladan Ilic and Marina Nikolic