Prague 2016 | Non-residential

Fortech Office Building

RomaniaRomaniaCompany Name: NATANAEL COM SERV

Project description

Fortech Office Building from Cluj-Napoca, the second largest city in Romania, represents an investment of over 2 million euros. It has an area of 4,800 square metres, five floors and a capacity of up to 500 people. Fortech is an IT outsourcing company which specializes in software development. Therefore fire protection and sound insulation, ensuring the perfect level of acoustics and control of reverberation time, were very important. This was excellently achieved with Rigitone, Gyptone and Decogips ceilings. In terms of innovation, the contractor chose to adopt a new solution for the cafeteria inside the building, namely drywall partitioning furniture, which helped the division in this particular space. In the end the acoustics and sound absorption, the architecture and functionality, and the final finishing coating (Q4 surface quality) met the rigorous project standards required, and exceeded the beneficiary’s expectations.



Founded in 1994, NATANAEL COM SERV has 84 employees and specializes in residential and non-residential building erection and finishing.

Key Achievements

  • Invention of a new solution: plasterboard furniture in the cafeteria. 
  • Performance beyond regulatory requirement: Rigitone and Gyptone ceilings achieved a low level of reverberation time, mainly in open spaces.
  • The ceiling types were chosen to to meet the needs of each room. 
  • Good exchange of technical information between Saint-Gobain Rigips Romania, architect, contractor’s team.

Key Challenges

  • Double performance of hybrid wall partition: excellent level of acoustics and impact resistance.
  • Maximal use of natural daylight based on an unusually large funnel and integration of artificial lighting.
  • In order to meet the rigorous project and client standards there was an emphasis on acoustics, sound absorption, light and on both architecture and functionality right through to the final finishing coating (Q4 surface quality).


Building owner:
Studio Aks
Main contractor:
Natanael Com Serv
Studio Aks
Saint-Gobain Team:
Adrian Dicoi