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Frand Hotel Glorius Makó

HungaryHungaryCompany Name: Bodrogi Bau Kft.

Project description

Grand Hotel Glorius is a private hotel in the south-east part of Hungary in a small town called Makó (famous for onion production). It was a renovation project and the building was originally a bank built in the 1920s. After the Second World War it was used as student hostel and later as a social dwelling which resulted in no maintenance being done to the building for many years. The building became completely derelict by the beginning of the 21st century, although its front facade remained protected. The aim of the design was to bring back the feeling of the 1920s and at the same time provide the modern comfort of today. Sound insulating partition walls were necessary to reach the high performance requirement and the Rigips system with Blue Acoustic boards were the preferred choice. In the entrance hall of the hotel there are some mild cones created on a special steel structure and covered by Glasroc F 6 mm (Rixlex) boards.


Bodrogi Bau Kft.

The Bodrogi family lives in Hódmezővásárhely, in the south-east region of Hungary. The married couple and their 2 grown up sons form the board of the company. They distribute the different tasks among themselves. The father is the MD, the mother is responsible for sales. The 2 sons are responsible for building construction and the self owned DIY stores. They employ around 100 people.

Key Achievements

  • Great atmosphere evoking the 1920th
  • Reduced noise level in the lobby-resaurant area for guests to chat comfortable
  • Great sound insulation between rooms up to 56 dB 
  • Fire resistance between rooms EI 90

Key Challenges

  • It was a real challenge to keep timing because more and more problems occurred during the demolition phase. The aim was to keep as many existing structures as possible. Later on these had to be covered.
  • Sound insulation requirements- 52 dB target for the guests to have maximum comfort without any disturbance.
  • Fire protection- all units as separate fire sections; protection of the existing roof structure.


Building owner:
SK Kft.
Róbert Kiszely
Main contractor:
Bodrogi Bau Kft.
Máté Földesi
Saint-Gobain Team:
Saint-Gobain Construction Products Hungary Kft. – Rigips