Prague 2016 | Plasterboard

Head Office Brandloyalty

NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: MB afbouwmontage B.V.

Project description

The prominent building is situated in the city centre of Den Bosch. Formerly very desolate looking, this building has undergone a transformation to achieve a completely new modern look. It now accommodates the Head Office of the company BrandLoyalty. The result of the interior construction of this striking building is particularly impressive because of the high degree of difficulty of the design and the high level of finishing. The lines of all the complicated forms are executed very sharply and all interiors have been perfectly finished with no irregularities. During the construction process the building was fully stripped. Only the concrete structure remained. From there, the building was completely renovated and fitted with new facades, roofs and interior finishes. Major challenges included the tightness of the double curved surface of the stairs, the beautiful and tasteful details such as the wooden inner shell of the stairs, and the glass connections on the balustrades.


MB afbouwmontage B.V.

Since 1999, MB afbouwmontage deals with almost all activities in the field of interior construction in the Netherlands. Their work consists of assembling and finishing: ceilings, walls and floors, fire encasement system and carpentry. Knowledge: MB afbouwmontage started as a one-man company. Nowadays they have a staff of 80 technicians. Over the years the company has become a major player in the interior construction branch. They have gained a lot of knowledge from both new build and renovation projects. Talent: MB afbouwmontage invests in young talented people. They are officially registered as a certified training company and therefore contribute to the development of young engineers. Logistics: By choosing suppliers with a strong logistical organization and wide range of products, they are able to supply to almost any construction site regardless the location or building level. Result: The combination of the above points and the good cooperation with clients has ensured that MB afbouwmontage has built up a strong portfolio with several leading projects in the Netherlands.

Excellent aesthetics
JointFiller 45 & Vario – JointFinisher (Vario) used for stairs, balustrades, partitions and ceilings
Impact resistant
Speech intelligibility
Environmentally friendly
Gyproc A, RF, WR, DuraGyp, Cradle 2 Cradle and ISO 14001

Key Achievements

  • This project is THE evidence that plasterboard has unlimited possibilities
  • Craftsmanship of the drywall installers.
  • Engineering partly determined during the construction process.
  • Flexibility towards the architect.
  • Cooperation with the Gyproc team.

Key Challenges

  • The interactive teamwork between the architect and MB afbouwmontage was the basis for achieving the highest quality. MB afbouwmontage had to be highly flexible during the construction phase in order to follow the continuous adjustments of the architect.
  • The building allows a lot of natural light inside. The high quality (Q4) finish of all Gyproc systems make sure the aesthetic design is realized in the project.
  • The following technical challenges were encountered; Double-curved boards used in staircase, wooden inner shell of the staircase, the glass connections on the balustrades, perfectly carried out in detail and the very high finishing quality of all surfaces


Building owner:
van aken architecten
Main contractor:
Vorm bouw
Chantal van den Berg –
Saint-Gobain Team:
Randolf de Jong, Louren Dorleijn