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Işik Dekorasyon Administrative Building

TurkeyTurkeyCompany Name: Işık Dekorasyon

Project description

Işık Dekorasyon Administrative Building is an office building and a showroom where they present the mock-ups constructed by using plasterboard systems with galvanized metal profiles, rather than traditional systems such as iron box profiles and block walls. Işık Dekorasyon, the plasterboard installation and cornice plaster application specialist company, designed its new office with plasterboard systems and turned it into a showroom to show its customers what it is possible to install by using galvanized profiles and plasterboard. Challenging curvilinear forms are achieved by cutting the flanges of regular galvanized metal profiles and bending them, which is a new method developed by the installer. The company is known for its precise workmanship and also assures a guarantee for 25 years for their work. This approach serves the purpose of overcoming the common prejudice against plasterboard systems.


Işık Dekorasyon

Murat Işık started his business on mosque ornamentation and window profiles in the early 1990’s. By 1998, he founded his private company Işık Dekorasyon in Kayseri. Later on, in 2001 he extended the scope of it, collaborated with his brothers and turned it into a family company. Before long, Işık Dekorasyon grabbed the attention of the people in Kayseri by its challenging suspended ceiling solutions and cornice plaster applications and got involved in hundreds of projects such as hospitals, offices, restaurants and residences. Moreover, the company developed the first precast cornice plaster applications in the region. They also merchandise a wide range of insulation materials and construction chemicals.

Term cost
Using galvanized metal profiles instead of iron box profiles within the plasterboard systems is a more economical solution
Excellent aesthetics
The Rigips Plasterboard Systems are installed with artful workmanship. Rigips finishing plaster is applied on the system for a smooth surface
Moisture resistance
Rigips Water Resistant Plasterboards are used for wet areas

Key Achievements

  • Overcome the prejudice against galvanized profiles
  • Prove what can be done with plasterboard systems
  • Promote Rigips Plasterboard Systems
  • Premium workmanship

Key Challenges

In Turkey, iron box profiles are commonly used as the metal frame structure within the plasterboard wall and ceiling systems. There is a prejudice over galvanized metal profiles that they are not sound enough. However, the iron box profile is not the right element for installing plasterboard systems because they are brought together by welding and form a very rigid structure anchored to the main structure. This causes cracking problems especially on the joints and gives plasterboard a bad reputation. Interesting and challenging designs were needed to be installed in this project to make people realize the limits and advantages of plasterboard systems with galvanized profiles. The workmanship had to be perfect so that the preciseness would be emphasized. This was quite challenging, because they had to work on small details in narrow spaces.


Building owner:
Murat Işık
Recep Akbulut
Main contractor:
Ferhat Işık
Kemal Tuğrul Sümer
Saint-Gobain Team:
Salim Çapar, Süleyman Erol