Prague 2016 | Non-residential

Jupiter Hotel

PortugalPortugalCompany Name: Nortetos Designing & Constructing

Project description

Jupiter Hotel, located in the centre of Lisbon, is comprised of many light and open spaces and has been designed to offer comfort to guests. A key prerequisite of the design was to meet challenging acoustics requirements. The hotel achieved the required high acoustic performance especially between the different areas of the building, as well as an excellent finish for the large areas existing in the hall and the reception area. Challenges included defining the correct solution for the wet areas existing in the hotel and increasing the quality of the sound conditions of the different areas, particularly in the rooms.


Nortetos Designing & Constructing

NORTETOS Designing and Constructing was founded in 2010. Despite the youth of the company, it is founded on the extensive experience of its 80 employees and support teams. Since its founding NORTETOS has been showing sustained growth in the application of plasterboard systems, acoustic conditioning, floors and paintings. Their work centres on the Portuguese and French market, extending to the north of Africa to the markets of the Maghreb countries, working in the fields of Hotel Industry, Health, Shopping and Leisure. The company’s mission centres on preparing and presenting constructive solutions and work projects, permanently focused on the execution quality of the work done in order to ensure overall customer satisfaction.

Key Achievements

  • High performance systems for wet areas combining High Stil with Glasroc H to solve the kitchen and swimming-pool.
  • Preformed cubes created before the installation.
  • Develop new solutions to solve problems working between installer, owner and designer team.

Key Challenges

  • To increase the sound conditions of the different areas, mainly in the rooms.
  • To combine different solutions, adapting to the needs of the project.
  • To solve the lights planned in the project, mainly in the hall area of the building.


Building owner:
Maia & Pereira, S.A.
Miguel Esteves
Main contractor:
Nortetos Designing & Constructing
Antonio Leao
Saint-Gobain Team:
Commercial and mkt team Placo