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King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) - Extension

JordanJordanCompany Name: Joint Venture of Consolidated Contractors Company ( CCC ) and Haddadinco Engineering Co For Contracting

Project description

King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) in Jordan, the only specialist cancer centre in the Middle East treating both adult & paediatric patients, has undergone a major JD130 million expansion, doubling its capacity to 352 beds & providing facilities to treat a further 9000 cancer cases and 13,000 inpatient admissions each year. The expansion has provided a new 13-storey inpatient tower and new outpatient building. The challenge for the architects was to create a comfortable, quiet and modern interior using largely single layer partition systems that would provide high levels of acoustic performance & impact resistance needed for wards & corridors. Gyproc’s technical team developed a comprehensive dry lining package based on lightweight wall and partition systems that would meet all performance requirements, whilst cutting build time & saving cost over more traditional masonry systems. To ensure maximum speed and efficiency of installation, Gyproc provided high levels of technical support including more than 70 man hours.


Joint Venture of Consolidated Contractors Company ( CCC ) and Haddadinco Engineering Co For Contracting

For building KHCC extension, 2 contracting companies collaborated in a joint venture to execute the project. Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) was originally formed in 1952 in Lebanon. CCC with its managing office based in Athens – Greece, currently employs approximately 130,000 people in its worldwide operations, it is also an ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company with the highest level of commitment to HSE. It is predominantly a construction company, providing project management, engineering, and procurement and construction services to the industry. It is currently ranked 21st in ENR Top International Contractors (2013). Haddadinco Engineering Co for Contracting was founded in 1979 to implement the vision of its three founders Dr. Khalaf, Salim and Samir Haddadin. Through their construction enterprise, the three brothers sought to create a progressive developer capable of servicing a national infrastructure strategy that can fully support Jordan’s economic ambitions. Haddadinco’s turnkey projects included residential, office, commercial and industrial complexes, educational establishments, facility refurbishments, hotels, bridges and underpasses serving private and public sectors. Aiming to minimize cost and time, and to maximize quality, the company was also set up to handle around-the-clock construction work schedules, which was unique to Jordan.

Key Achievements

  • We were successful in matching an American specification project by Gyproc’s British specification data.
  • On site and off site technical support with training played a key role in winning this project.
  • Achieved 180mins of fire rating and 56dB as per project requirement.
  • Due to technical support and a loyal distributor we were able to win the project despite the fact that competitor was geographically closer to Jordan and offered competitive prices and lower lead-times.
  • We delivered the material to site within the timeframe by having an accurate forecast for the site requirement and working closely with all parties.
  • SpecSure warranty was also issued as it is a complete Gyproc systems spec throughout.

Key Challenges

  • KHCC specifications were based on American Standards, while the majority of Gyproc Middle East test data is to British Standards. So it took great efforts from the technical team to match the specification of the project by providing tests, clarifications, data and third party lab testing for the boards.
  • Logistics was one of the challenges due to the distance between the UAE and Jordan, which was resolved by proper collaboration between Gyproc, contractor’s team and the transporter.
  • As most of the products and systems needed were non-standard, the lead time was slightly higher than the contractor’s expectations and tolerance. This was resolved by proper material forecasting ahead of time and continuous communication between different entities involved including the distributor.


Building owner:
King Hussein Cancer Foundation
HKS Architects / Sigma
Main contractor:
Joint Venture of Consolidated Contractors Company ( CCC ) and Haddadinco Engineering Co For Contracting
Wish Jayaraj Kalarani
Saint-Gobain Team:
Karim Al FarisRavi Gowda