Prague 2016 | Residential

Lifereset Mobile House

SlovakiaSlovakiaCompany Name: Matúš family

Project description

LifeReset Mobile House is a small, single-family, detached home offering high quality housing. The house is fully functional, eco-friendly and a delight to all the senses – smell, touch, eyesight and hearing. Among the many products on the market only those considered to have the highest quality and those that are best for health within the home were chosen. Furthermore only natural and recyclable materials were used; real wood for construction, the interior and the furniture, cork and marmoleum for the floor and waterproof plywood for the bathroom. The walls and ceilings use plasterboard with Activ’Air technology. The insulation is also organic and the roof is grassed, as it was important to create a good vapor barrier and air-impermeable layer. The interior was designed in a ‘body conscious’ way- it was designed taking into account the needs of people. This approach ensured that acoustic needs (through the use of plasterboard with acoustic performances), and environmental considerations (through the use of Activ’Air for example) were met. The installation of these not so common materials in Slovakia presented a challenge in itself.


Matúš family

Ján Matúš graduated in 2007 from Technical University and became an authorized engineer in 2010. After gaining experience in several companies, he has since become a freelance planner.

Indoor air quality
Activ´Air plasterboard used for partition walls
Acoustic insulation
Rigitone Active air used for ceilings
Impact resistant
Rigidur used for flooring

Key Achievements

  • We showed that with professional guidenance dry lining is not “difficult techology” even for beginners
  • Self-build mobile house
  • Increased interest of Rigitone and Activ´Air in small residential projects
  • Perfect place for living and for serving to community
  • Communication od sustainable aspect of dry

Key Challenges

In a relatively short time, quickly, economically, ecologically and flexibly, this project was constructed. We achieved an optimum health environment from renewable sources. Key challenges were:

  • Dimensions of the house (over 3,5 m x 10m) had to be adapted to the dimensions required for transport by truck.
  • The house had to be prepared for technological solutions that are environmentally friendly – thermal panel in front of the house for hot water (without pumps), the solar panels on the roof and their 12 V distribution, preparation for rainwater for using toilet and biological based waste economy.
  • For the heating, the latest type of electric infra-red heating was used – heat flow. As a backup source there is also a small wood stove. Cooling is provided by a green roof and also by setting the house into the surroundings of the old garden between large trees.
  • For this building recycled materials were used too. In this way we saved money, and that’s why we were able to invest more in quality materials which are important for health.


Building owner:
Zuzana and Ján Matúš
Ing. Milan Grega Jakub and Ing. Ján Matúš
Main contractor:
Ing. Ján Matúš
Zuzana Matúšová and Ing. Helena Kurusová
Saint-Gobain Team:
Ing. Michal Široký