Prague 2016 | Non-residential

Mercure City Center Hotel

RomaniaRomaniaCompany Name: Conarg A.G.

Project description

Situated only a few steps away from the capital’s most prestigious avenue, Calea Victoriei, Mercure Bucharest City Centre Hotel provides 114 cosy rooms including 27 Privilege Rooms and 1 Privilege Suite. The 4-star hotel is a trendy boutique hotel, inspired by the world famous composer George Enescu, and is a preferred choice for a perfect stay in Romania’s capital city. Given the location of the hotel – in the very heart of the capital city- the main difficulties consisted in achieving the best acoustic insulation, noise reduction and fire protection performances. The space in this central hotel was quite limited, thus one of the challenges was to find the most appropriate fire protection solution that would also cater for the acoustic insulation requirements whilst saving space. Furthermore, given the central location of the hotel all deliveries needed to be made during the night, using special transportation means that were allowed in the centre of the crowded city.


Conarg A.G.

1977-1991: Conarg Group has been founded in 1991, through the merger of the construction sites on “Dacia Colibasi” and “Pitesti Nord” Platforms, both belonging to the former Industrial Constructions Trust, founded in 1977. 1994: Conarg Group becomes a private company, following the MEBO procedure. 1999: One shareholder gains control over the Conarg company and makes a decisive step towards modernization and higher market competitiveness. 2003: The group gradually diversifies its activity and expertise, while it extends territorially, through establishing local branches. Conarg Group’s operations are managed through four companies with different specializations in the field of industrial and civil constructions. 2013: Conarg completes the construction phase of one of its landmark projects, Stejarii Country Club. The centre is located on a land area of over 15,000 square meters and the construction includes a built area of approximately 21,000 square meters structured on U+GF+1F. 2014: Conarg AG, one of the most dynamic and fast-growing companies in the group, gains further control over the group activity, through a transaction among shareholders. 2015: Conarg group exceeds 1 million sq m of built projects in the fields of industrial and logistics, hospitality and residential, retail, showroom & service, office etc.

Key Achievements

  • Saint-Gobain Rigips products and solutions adapted easily to the requirements of the project, which led to modern, comfortable, good fire protection and acoustic insulation achievements.
  • Delivering project on time and within budget.
  • Effective collaboration between contractor’s team, architect, interior designer, Saint-Gobain sales representative.

Key Challenges

  • Insulation and acoustic treatment given the location of the hotel and interior spaces. 
  • Fireproof partitions for specific architecture.
  • Hotel standards claimed high quality finishes, finally achieved through the good quality of walls and ceilings.
  • Reduction of investment costs while choosing best performance solutions.


Building owner:
Main contractor:
Conarg A.G. (Mr. Ion Stan)
Saint-Gobain Team:
Paul Iancu