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Metropolitan International School

EgyptEgyptCompany Name: Modern Architecture for contracting

Project description

The Metropolitan International School is constructed on a land area of 20,000 square metres located southeast of the Airport in the New Cairo area. New Cairo Area is the extension of greater Cairo and it has a huge potential construction market. The school buildings are developed over a footprint area of 6,000 square metres and the remaining area of the land plot was carefully utilized to provide the children with spacious play-grounds, in addition to all the necessary outdoor sports facilities ranging from a football court to a tennis court. The school buildings also were constructed with our materials for energy saving purposes and hygiene standards to serve the wellbeing of our coming generations. In addition to the complexity of the ceiling designs there were high standard specifications, in particular the load-bearing which exceeds 5 times the boards’ weight and the fire and moisture resistant boards to be used in specific areas. Another challenging demand and the most important objective of the project was to achieve the planned design within the project time frame.


Modern Architecture for contracting

The contactor was a previous employee in the Gyproc team, he started his business in plasterboard installation after leaving the company. He then worked in various projects with Gyproc boards and systems.

Key Achievements

  • Completion of the project with the planned project schedule
  • Complex standards required has been achieved with high quality finishing of aesthetic and functional objectives in all areas of the school especially in the indoor pool area
  • Excellent cooperation with the architect in the interior design and specification phase. 
  • Full support with the contractor in the installation phase and guiding him to achieve the required design

Key Challenges

  • High safety requirements for load-bearing which exceeded 5 times the boards weight – Complex ceiling designs and high standards specification, especially fire, moisture and hygiene standards
  • Quality of the aesthetic required intensive training and on-site follow-up to ensure a high level of installation standards


Building owner:
Mr. Seif Sameh Fouad
Engineering Consultant Group- ECG
Main contractor:
Jet company
Haitham Abed El Fattah
Saint-Gobain Team:
Maged HelmyRania Nour