Prague 2016 | Non-residential

Navis Hotel

CroatiaCroatiaCompany Name: Interijeri Buden d.o.o.

Project description

Navis Hotel is a five-star design hotel located between Rijeka and Opatija, designed by Idis Turato. The architecture reflects a different view of the contemporary hotel typology, within predictable and firmly set positions, and creates a peculiar and completely different niche in the tourist offer of the region. The priority was a perfect Q4 finish of surfaces for walls and ceilings with no joints visible. A challenge was the planning and coordination with other construction companies on site and the delivery of full trucks, due to limitations of space and by the internal transport options available. Navis Hotel is not a classic boutique hotel nor is it obsessed with boring exclusivity or banal hedonism. With Navis’ brave treatment of the surrounding area and the contemporary architecture it offers instead another home, a place for relaxation for those open to the new experience of culture and tourism.


Interijeri Buden d.o.o.

INTERIJERI BUDEN d.o.o. is a family-owned company that started doing business in 2004 under the name of INTERIJERI ZAGI, when Mr. Ivan Buden founded the company and had a few employees doing dry-lining construction and painting. The company’s motto “fair and well done” led to an increase in volumes so in 2011 INTERIJERI BUDEN d.o.o. was founded. Today the company employs 50 highly-qualified employees, while at major building sites the number of employees might reach up to 150. Not only has Mr. Ivan Buden got an active role in the company, but his sons, Josip and Tomislav have as well. Their hard work was recognized and in 2015 they were awarded the Croatian award for the best medium-sized company in the category “Income Rise”.

Key Achievements

  • Experience of the skilled installer team were the clear targets and good logistic support are one of the reasons for the success of this project. Limited building space required perfect coordination and logistics of all performers. Sound,Fire & Moisture fields–all requirements were perfectly covered
  • Deadline for execution of works was by the beginning of the tourist season and further aggravated by the efforts of installers to implement all the ideas of the architect. Thanks to experience and motivation of the architect and the preparation of the installers there was no need for improvisation.

Key Challenges

A challenge was the tight deadline at the beginning of the tourist season as well as realizing all the ideas of the architect; another one was the logistics- limited building space required perfect coordination. Several multi-comfort systems provide the maximal well-being factor: The conference area was done by Duo’Tech- this saved 25% of installation time and provided the required acoustics performance of 60dB they required; Aquaroc system was key for Wellness – the system solution and confidence in Rigips were the main arguments for the use. At the hotel bar as well as in the kitchen a lot of suspended Rigips ceiling systems were used to achieve fire resistance EI 90. One part of the ceilings was made with two layers of Rigips Wohnbauplatte 20 mm on Rigips ceiling profile CD 60/27; additionally you find several nice, rounded fire resistance walls. There was also a big challenge in the bar area: the stylish, black ceiling coating required a perfect surface/jointing – perfectly finished on Q4-level.


Building owner:
Mr. Krunoslav Kapetanovic
Mr. Idis Turato
Main contractor:
Mr. Ivan Buden
Mr. Ivan Dorotic
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mr. Hrvoje MiocicMr. Nikica KlaricMr. Davor ZuljevicMrs. Vlatka Jemric