Prague 2016 | Innovation & Sustainability

Office Building Okel

GermanyGermanyCompany Name: Okel GmbH & Co. KG

Project description

Okel GmbH, a contracting company with 70 employees, is striving for excellence and expanding continuously. That’s why their building had to be extended by a 176.5 square metre office space and a 36 square metre meeting room on the roof. This extension was intended to be a showroom for their dry-lining capabilities showing their excellence in areas such as: excellent fire resistance of 90 minutes, innovative black acoustic ceilings, new energy saving cooling and heating system and an intelligent illumination concept with a perfect surface finishing. Rigips products such as Glasroc F, Rigitone and VARIO joint filler were used. Based on a structural analysis all constructions were designed, manufactured and installed in-house. The resulting building surpasses the demands of the German decree of energy saving (EnEV), thereby contributing ecologically to climate protection. All in all, this building is a perfect example for innovation and sustainability with a striking, minimalist interior design.


Okel GmbH & Co. KG

The company Okel GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1959 by Mr. Walter Okel as a painter, plasterer and dry building construction company with 15 employees. Since 1996 his son, Mr. Burkard Okel is the manager of the company with more than 60 employees in the second generation today. Always in search of inspirations and innovations, they have developed from the classical painter’s company to a specialist in functional and representative removal. With their own carpenter’s workshop, masters and skilled workers of different craft occupations they can offer a comprehensive range of construction concepts.

Fire protection
Panellings, separations and penetrations in F90 fire protection. All (Deckenertüchtigungen) in F30 fire protection

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship and cooperation within the team
  • Own office building used as show-case for the craftsmanship of the company
  • Invention of solutions to improve the working climate
  • Modern and puristic forms an furniture custom-designed and built
  • High fire prevention and heat insulation

Key Challenges

A meticulous planning was necessary before the project could get started, as the contractor wanted to use his new building as a showcase for his craftsmanship. Therefore only the best and most innovative solutions were good enough. An efficient site management for the materials and systems was developed and executed. Most constructions and part of the wooden furniture were built in the workshops of the company. It was very important to build representative offices to reflect the modern company to their customers. A special challenge was also the realization of many ideas for a good working atmosphere and climate.


Building owner:
Gemeente Spijkenisse
Förderraum Architekten & Planer Henry Koch + Partner
Main contractor:
Okel GmbH & Co. KG
Burkhard Okel
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mr. Henning Häusler