Prague 2016 | Non-residential

Parque Shopping Meceio

BrazilBrazilCompany Name: Classic Gesso Construção Civil

Project description

The mall has 200 stores, many of them not found in the city, as well as a food court, two separate restaurants, modern movie theatres and about 2,000 parking spaces, totalling more than 37,576 square metres of gross leasable area (GLA). The arrival of a project of this nature generates several benefits to Alagoas, not only through the creation of jobs, but also through the development of the wider region around the shopping centre. The term of only 11 months for the implementation and project challenges (such as the difficulties in the vertical transport of materials and access to areas of installation) required detailed planning to be carried out for each step in order to maintain the schedule and fidelity to the complex architecture with several curves, moldings and angled vertical panels. The biggest challenges included the ceiling height of the food court which was 17 metres, as well as the restructuring and installation of reinforcements in the areas affected by luminaries, facilities, speakers, air-conditioning, vents etc.


Classic Gesso Construção Civil

The Classic Gesso is located in São Paulo and it specializes in drywall construction systems and metal ceilings for large enterprises. It is in operation for 8 years and it’s owner is Jonatan Faria Alves. The main segments served by the company are: centers, corporate and industrial malls.

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship and trust with the OAS construction company due to the good work presented by Classic Gesso
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Execution of the ceiling in areas that have a right foot up to 17m high
  • Gain of 30% compared to traditional systems, this percentage is considerably in the schedule

Key Challenges

  • Execution of the ceiling in areas that have a ceiling height up to 17m high
  • Application of Rigitone 12/25Q: ceilings and vertical panel
  • Complexity in the finish, boards alignment and bidirectional mounting structure in a limited area of the fixing points for the hangers
  • Installation and demarcation of the radii of curved ceilings and inclinations of the vertical panels
  • Walls with a height of up to 6m and type of execution with double linked structure
  • Vertical transport of boards, profiles and other accessories
  • Ceiling structure compatible with the installations (lights, air-conditioning vents, speakers, etc.)


Building owner:
Aliansce Shopping Centers
André Sá and Francisco Mota
Main contractor:
Classic Gesso Construção Civil
Jonatas Alves Faria Júnior
Saint-Gobain Team:
Carlos Caruy and Douglas Meirelles