Prague 2016 | Plasterboard

Real Madrid Official Store

SpainSpainCompany Name: DIMAPLAC

Project description

The Real Madrid Official Store uses Placo solutions to create a curved and aesthetically beautiful finish. As there are no two parallel lines in the building, and thus no corners, the execution of the project was an exceptionally complicated task. All the meeting points of the building are curved, creating highly complex geometries. To achieve this the installer had to carefully study each in order to choose a suitable product and system to be able to create these curves and movement, with an excellent final finish. This project is made up of passive protection systems and interior decoration on the ceiling and partitions. STD, PPM, standard 6mm and 4PRO laminated plasterboard were used, in addition to Q2 or Q4 finishing levels to obtain excellence on each finish despite the dividers, curves and meeting points which were created. The execution of the project was challenging and forced the team to use tools which were more appropriate for design than for site-work.



DIMAPLAC MONTAJES, SL was founded in June 2008 as a result of the union between David Marin and Ivan Oliva, both professionals in the plasterboard sector with more than 10 years of experience. Dimaplac slowly is taking shape and finding its niche in the world of professional installers and within the plasterboard sector. Dimaplac core values ​​are a commitment to high quality work, counselling, treatment and monitoring of the client from the beginning to the end of a project and the use of quality materials. All this makes it possible for Dimaplac to grow day by day. Dimaplac’s main activity is the installation of plasterboard both in the field of construction and decoration. It also performs parallel projects using thermal and acoustic insulation and passive fire protection. All these projects are developed in the industrial, residential, commercial, hospitality, health and education sectors. Dimaplac works at the national level in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza , as well as at the international level. Some of the many projects undertaken to date by Dimaplac Assembly are: – Recording studio Shakira (Barcelona), “BSO Super Studies” (Barcelona); guitarist Vicençs Martinez (Barcelona) – Michelin star restaurants; Enjoy (Barcelona), Abac (Barcelona), Koy Shunka (Barcelona) – Restaurant chains ; Txapela (Madrid), Tapa-Tapa (Barcelona), Mussol (Barcelona) – Hotels; Praktik (Barcelona), Park (Barcelona) – Chain stores; Happy Pells (Zaragoza), Nostrum (Montepellier)

Excellent aesthetics
High performance finishing level, 4PRO ceilings, Q4 jointing in plasterboards, ceilings and corners
Fire protection
The passive protection of the horizontal separations was applied with an EI120 using 2 Megaplac 25 boards
Environmentally friendly
Most of the systems have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD): BA, 4PRO, Megaplac, Placomarine

Key Achievements

  • Professionalism and coordination of the team
  • Maximum attention during the setting out
  • Search for and choice of the suitable system or product in order to achieve excellence for execution and finishes based on the requirements set out by the project’s technical and decoration management

Key Challenges

  • This job had a very tight deadline of only two months, meaning highly meticulous work had to be coordinated in an exceptional manner.
  • The choice of the most suitable products for each type of solution, and coordination with management to explain the various changes required in order to achieve the levels of decoration and finish demanded. 
  • A highly-experienced coordinated team that knew that this type of job did not require the creation of many square metres, but that every one of them had to be as close as possible to excellence. The highest level of detail was demanded from installers and designers.


Building owner:
Real Madrid SAU
Sanz Pons Arquitechts
Main contractor:
Jordi Estruch
Saint-Gobain Team: