Prague 2016 | Residential

Reform Semi-detached Housing

SpainSpainCompany Name: Félix Jiménez Aguiar

Project description

This reform aims to provide a simple and clean design to the housing interior using straight lines and white walls. The house is built in Santa Lucia, a municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). It is a semi-detached house built about 10 years ago, in a typical middle class neighborhood of the Canary Islands. The owner chose this neighborhood for personal reasons while he was looking for a more modern house, with lots of light and open space. The reform aims to provide a simple and clean design to the housing interior using straight lines and white walls. To separate spaces, the design plays with different volumes in ceilings and textures, as well as indirect light. The main achievements of this project have been the increased acoustic performance, especially between different owners, the creation of different rooms using volumes and textures in ceilings and an excellent finish of interiors even with the influence of indirect light.


Félix Jiménez Aguiar

Félix Jiménez Aguiar is a plasterer’s son, who decided to direct his career to the world of plaster and overcame all sorts of difficulties to open a company and gain a foothold in the market at the time. He took advantage of the opportunity provided by PLACO to take a course in plasterboard in 2006. Today his company guarantees high customer satisfaction using quality materials to ensure a high quality of end finishing. He is now employing seven workers, installers and plasterers, who work together to meet the demands of today’s market .

Excellent aesthetics
Finish: 4PRO + Placostic- Q3
Productivity gain
Reduction time for jointing and finish: 4PRO
Acoustic insulation
Wall lining Placophonique – >61 dBA

Key Achievements

  • High performance system for sound insulation.
  • Installer introduced double Placophonique and a sound proofing sheet.
  • 4 PRO + Q3 + Placostic: perfect finish even with indirect lights and different shapes and volumes.

Key Challenges

  • Had to increase the sound insulation but without losing the surface of the housing.
  • Needed to create different rooms whilst trying to preserve the concept of open space within the project.
  • Indirect lights and the prevalence of the colour white everywhere also posed challenges, requiring a high quality finish on all walls and ceilings.


Building owner:
Juan Carlos Bolaños
Dionisio Vega
Main contractor:
Félix Jiménez Aguiar
Saint-Gobain Team:
Commercial and Marketing team