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Residential Londrina

BrazilBrazilCompany Name: Diviplus Acoustic Solutions

Project description

In a country with a deficit of 8 million houses, a residential construction that is faster, safer and that facilitates a lower level of waste generation comes as an innovative project, and in many ways has broken a number of paradigms. This 155 square metre residence was the first to be built entirely using a light steel frame construction system, in a place where house construction has been dominated by traditional masonry for decades. In view of the need for maximum agility required by the client, the house had to be completed and delivered in only 58 days. In addition to this challenge, the system was required to ensure high level finishing, to allow heavy and suspended fixtures in various parts of the house and to ensure acoustic comfort, especially on the top floor bedrooms. To meet these requirements, various Placo solutions were applied, contributing to outstanding performances in terms of protection against humidity, sound insulation, finishing of the ceilings and heavy load fixing capabilities.


Diviplus Acoustic Solutions

Diviplus is located in Londrina and specializes in drywall construction systems and steel frames. It has been in operation for 21 years. The main segments served by the company are residential and commercial.

Excellent aesthetics
4PRO provided ceilings with high standard of finish – Q3 jointing
Structurally validated
Brasilit cement boards in façades
Fixing capability
High impact boards made possible suspended parts without additional reinforcements
Interior thermal insulation
Isover Glass wool insulation in all walls and ceilings provided high level and efficient thermal and acoustic comfort
Moisture resistance
Moisture resistant boards (RU) were used in wet areas (bathrooms, kitchens and laundry)
Productivity gain
ST boards were used in façades (internal) and regular wallsPlacomix (WRM), paper tape, screws and studs)
Acoustic insulation
Phonique ensured greater privacy in rooms

Key Achievements

  • The Residential Unifamiliar has virtually all drywall boards available on Placo Brazil, the products have been used considering the needs of each environment and the comfort of users.
  • This work was the result of years of development of Diviplus: engagement to execute it in 58 days with very high standard of quality.
  • Break of paradigms in the residential segment in Brazil.

Key Challenges

  • The house was delivered in 58 days, fulfilling the tight building time demanded by the house owner. If the traditional masonry construction was adopted, the minimum delivery time would have been 180 days. 
  • Ensure thermal and acoustic comfort to every household in particular to the dormitories. 
  • Enabling fixation of heavy cabinets and other suspended parts in the kitchen and laundry facilities with safety and reasonable cost.
  • Ceiling: perfect jointing finishing, as part of the house has high ceilings and lots of glass.
  • Deliver all materials for the project requested by the customer, within which masonry was impossible. The delivery was carried out one month before the contract.


Building owner:
Rejane Alves Medeiros de Campos
Fernando Vieira Maragno
Main contractor:
Diviplus Acoustic Solutions
Simone Cristina Barbosa Nomura and Gustavo Gattass de Campos
Saint-Gobain Team:
Carlos Caruy and Douglas Meirelles