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San Mamés Football Stadium

SpainSpainCompany Name: Portuplak

Project description

San Mamés Football Stadium has a capacity for 53,000 spectators, and was designated the best sports building in the world in 2015, rated as “5-star” by UEFA. Its location, at the end of the expansion neighbourhood in Bilbao and overlooking the Estuary, makes it a unique piece of architecture while at the same time respectful of the buildings that surround it. It manages to achieve this while meeting the project’s high technical specifications with respect to fire protection, safety in use, mechanical resistance, water resistance, and a high aesthetic level. It was also the first football ground to obtain the LEED certification. One of the main challenges in the project was that the football team and supporters could not move to another team’s stadium during construction, so that work had to be carried out in various phases. The demolition of the old stadium was only permitted once the first phase of the new stadium was completed, as both shared the same location and gallery.



PORTUPLAK is a company based in Bizkaia, which is specialized in building sites with plasterboard; partitions, wall linings and ceilings as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. It provides technical advice, organizes work teams and is in charge of logistics and installation of building sites in residential and non-residential building. Founded in 2002 and, after continued effort, PORTUPLAK has established itself as a reference company in the sector. It’s success is based in it’s personalized attention to the customers, it’s capacity for constant renewal of installation systems and the knowledge of innovation products on the market. Some examples of significant works made are: • Bilbao Exhibition Centre. B.E.C. • Hospital de Gernika. • Epsilon Euskadi. • Hospital Arrasate. • Basque Culinary Center • Biblioteca Carlos Santa María UPV. • Centro Cívico Intxaurrondo. • Policlínica de San Sebastián.

Key Achievements

  • Project delivered to challenging budget and time schedule without affect the football team and fans.
  • Invention of a new solution, not planned in the initial project.
  • To convince the architect onsite about the good mechanical resistance of Rigidur solutions.
  • Ad hoc solutions, like big span ceilings without hangers.
  • Differentiation by using our EPD in project to improve LEED certification. This was one of the key elements for choosing Placo and Portuplak.

Key Challenges

  • Time: To combine the new building site with the old stadium, without disturbing the football team and the fans.
  • New solutions: The design of complex solutions onsite, that were not accounted for in the initial project plan, like security handles.
  • Installation: a)Shaft Wall up to 8.20m. b)Big span suspended ceilings without hangers. c)Curve walls around the perimeter of the stadium.
  • Sustainability: LEED certification. Placo helped to justify the project for the LEED criteria, providing Plasterboard EPD´s.


Building owner:
San Mamés Barria
Main contractor:
Saint-Gobain Team:
Commercial and Marketing Placo team