Prague 2016 | Plasterboard

Schneider Electric Showroom

SerbiaSerbiaCompany Name: NTN Company

Project description

Schneider Electric made a showroom as a space where people can see exhibited products. The showroom is designed as a futuristic concept of curved forms which dominate the space. It was all built from Rigips plates, 6 and 12mm thick. Flexibility of drywalls made things easier to work with and increased the possibility for personal expression by the architect. Three scenes are put into one space, creating a unity: 1) “Feather”, that with its bionic design creates a hidden part of installations, which can`t be seen in the interior but are present 2) ”Desk” which is definitely not usual for visitors and users, because the form hints only elegance, and function is put into the background 3) The most important part of this individual scene of the interior is a curved wall “wave”, which has design for the main presentation of exhibition elements, which are leaves, and is built as a separate wall with sound isolation from fire resistant gyps card boards.


NTN Company

NTN Kompani is a company that deals with finishing works in construction, with a focus on the installation of gypsum board and painting .The company is a team of experienced installers with many years of experience in the construction of residential and industrial buildings.

Fire protection
Fire resistent wall system EI 90
Acoustic insulation
Good sound insulation in wall systems using Gyproc solutions

Key Achievements

  • Implementing the vision of the architect required a high level performance. Thanks to the good coordination of the entire team, which included investors, architects, installers and representatives of technical support from Rigips team, all of the projects planned forms were successfully implemented.

Key Challenges

  • To turn the plain office space into an exceptional showroom where every detail should support our brand image
  • The space needed to represent our efforts to be an Energy leader
  • It also needed to show that our solutions can be easily implemented in every interior


Building owner:
Nenad Velickovic
Main contractor:
Schneider Eletric Serbia doo
Nebojsa Dimic
Saint-Gobain Team:
Rigips Serbia