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Sykehuset Østfold Hospital

NorwayNorwayCompany Name: Vegg- og Takmontasje AS

Project description

The Hospital Østfold Kalnes, located southeast of Oslo, is the first hospital in Norway built using the new “health house” model where design and layout support patient healing. It includes four existing hospitals and a psychiatric care centre under one roof, focusing on offering specialised health care for the 300,000 people in the region. The main characteristics of this project focus on the level of technical wall solutions. The large proportion of special rooms in the 30,000 square metre treatment building presented extremely challenging demands for both design and construction. The new building includes Gyproc solutions that contributed to outstanding performances in terms of fire resistance, x-ray protection and sound insulation. New details were developed through close collaboration between client, architect, contractor and Gyproc. Gyproc conducted the training of installers on site at start-up where the peak was over 100 drywall installers.


Vegg- og Takmontasje AS

We are a company with offices in Fredrikstad, who specialize in the installation of interior walls and ceilings to main contractors or builders. We were established in 1996. The activity in the early years was low, but from 2003 it has been fully operational. In 2003 we had a turnover of 4.5 million and 8 employees. In 2012 we had a turnover of 28 million and over 30 skilled and experienced employees. Today we are 45 employees. Our owners have long experience in the building industry and possess great skills when it comes to fire protection requirements and sound insulation requirements for walls and ceilings. We have since 2003 been the supplier of several major projects such as schools, shopping centres, nursing homes and apartment projects in Østfold, Akershus and Oslo. Our vision is to be the best within our niche and always deliver on time and with zero errors. We in Vegg- og Takmontasje AS want to be seen as a serious company with skilled and competent employees.

Fire protection
Partition Gyproc XR 95/95 (450/600) RN-NR M100 to meet official requirement EI(A) 60
Impact resistant
Partition Gyproc XR 95/95 (450/600) RN-NR M100. Reinforced doorways with GFR steel studs.
Moisture resistance
Partition Gyproc XR 95/95 (450/600) VV-NR M100. A double layer of wet room board Glasroc H Ocean on one side of steel frame.
Acoustic insulation
Partition Gyproc XR 95/95 (450/600) RN-NR M100 to meet official requirement dB 52

Key Achievements

  • A strong partnership between all parties secured solid, proven solutions and good progress in project
  • New detail solutions were created and passed on to other construction projects by the contractor
  • Good delivery schedules in the project gave us excellent conditions to plan production

Key Challenges

  • All details were challenging, particularly details that are not common in other types of buildings, such as technical arrangements for CO2 and gas in every room that had to be made especially in all penetrations and fire cabinets.
  • X-ray rooms were very technical with many details that needed to be completely accurate as this was of great importance. The walls are built with GIS 13 2.0 lead plates supplied by us. Also penetrations had to be covered with lead plates and doorways overlapped with lead sheets.
  • Doorways had to pass a rigorous strength test to ensure durability and the solution was a reinforced doorway of GFR steel studs (1, 2 mm thickness) with wooden studs inside.


Building owner:
Helse Sør-Øst RHF
Arkitema/ELN Architects and Aart Architects
Main contractor:
NCC Construction
Sindre Sverdrup Strand
Saint-Gobain Team:
Arve Ringlund (project manager, sales) and Dag Hamre (civil engineer, technical support)