Prague 2016 | Plasterboard

Techmania Science Center

Czech RepublicCzech RepublicCompany Name: Stenform s.r.o.

Project description

The architect´s major aesthetic idea was to create an unusual public space for the Information Office and Gift shop at Techmania Science Center. He decided to use a number of stage-like, flat, side wing screens of irregular shape. The space between the screens is then used for the display shelves of the Gift shop. The idea was to surprise the visitor of the information centre and gift shop with an unusual space. The space is created by means of an innovative use of plasterboard. There are a number of cleverly shaped flat screens that in their organized line-up give an impression of a space from another world. In the whole there are 32 different, individually shaped flat screens. Each screen is formed according to the template drawn by the architect. The screens are situated at their exactly designed positions. The screens are made up of a ‘sandwich’ composed of one 15mm fire-rated plasterboard in the centre and two 12.5mm Rigidur Gypsum fireboards on both faces. The boards are screwed together by 3.9 x 35 mm screws. The resulting “sandwich” is just 40mm thick.


Stenform s.r.o.

Company Stenform is a family business specializing in dry-wall systems with more than 15 years of experience. Their other activities are general building works – mainly family houses, reconstructions and sound and thermal insulations.

Fire protection
Fire-rated plasterboard Rigips RF 15; Rigidur Gypsum Fibreboard 12,5
Excellent aesthetics
Innovative plasterboard usage: Number of cleverly shaped flat screens that in their organized line-up make an impression of a space from another world

Key Achievements

  • The long-time carefully built trust between Rigips local representative and the installation company
  • New solution developed for how to put the architect´s design to reality
  • Professionality and experience of the installer´s staff

Key Challenges

  • Developing the technology for creating and fixing of the flat screens
  •  Shaping the parts to the designed form
  • Fixing and installation of the screens to their final position
  • Perfect surface preparation of the finalized screens: The screens are combined as a “sandwich“ from one 15 mm fire-rated plasterboard in the centre and two 12,5 mm Rigidur gypsum fibreboards on both faces. The boards are screwed together by 3,9 x 35 mm screws. Their top edge is reinforced by a flat steel sheet 0,6 mm. The resulting “sandwich“ is just 40 mm thick. Each screen was prepared in the workshop where it was divided to 5 to 7 parts with groove–nut “lock” for connecting. The parts were then transported to the site. At site each part was put vertical, carefully hanged to the structural soffit by means of special brackets and threaded rods. The parts were slid together and completed by putting screws through their groove-nut lock.


Building owner:
Techmania Science Center o.p.s.,
Ing. arch. Tomáš Velehradský
Main contractor:
Jan Kroupa
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mr. Luboš Muknšnábl