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Torre Di Pietra Office Building

BrazilBrazilCompany Name: Diviplus Acoustic Solutions

Project description

The Torre Di Pietra Office Building, spanning 28121 square metres, is a commercial building that stands out as one of the most modern and functional in the city. It meets all the requirements of the corporate segment, as well as more complex specifications. A particular demand involved the development of a drywall system for office partitions that offered acoustic comfort and allowed occupants to alter its electrical and hydraulic installations, without risking access to the facilities of the neighbours. For the ceiling, there was a need for regular access to the facilities due to eventual layout changes, besides aesthetic demands of moldings and level changes required in the project. Different Placo solutions were installed to meet these requirements, allowing excellent performances in terms of flexibility, protection against humidity, sound insulation and aesthetics.


Diviplus Acoustic Solutions

The Diviplus is located in Londrina and it specializes in drywall construction systems and steel frames. It has been in operation for 21 years. The main segments served by the company are residential and commercial.

Moisture resistance
RU – For areas that require resistance to moisture
Productivity gain
Gyprex – For areas that require ease of maintenance. ST Boards- For dry areas
Acoustic insulation
Walfelt 4+, triple wall for rooms, commercial offices

Key Achievements

  • The Diviplus has an excellent relationship with Galmo construction and the company relies on the technical service and quality workmanship.
  • Resolution of the project challenge, which was to create a drywall wall for office boundaries that offered acoustic comfort and enable changes in electrical, plumbing, with the creation of the triple wall.
  • High end aesthetic aspect due to the technics and care to build the partitions and ceilings. 

Key Challenges

  • Develop drywall partitions for office boundaries that offer acoustic comfort and allow the neighbors to alter its electrical, hydraulic facilities
  • Creation of unprecedented triple wall structure with a final thickness of 194 mm
  • Access to the facilities above the ceilings was also essential because of the constant layout change appellant in the office
  • Enable access in ceilings for changing facilities with application of Gyprex system
  • The drywall generated excellent finish and fully met expectations, enabling all the moldings and changes of levels required in the project


Building owner:
Galmo Empreendimentos Imobiliários
Ticiana Galindo
Main contractor:
Diviplus Acoustic Solutions
Tatiana Galindo and Gustavo Gattass de Campos
Saint-Gobain Team:
Carlos Caruy and Douglas Meirelles