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Zelené Átrium/ Green Atrium

SlovakiaSlovakiaCompany Name: Ing. Ľubomír Marko - SMF - Stavebno-montážna firma Marko

Project description

The Green Atrium is the first passive apartment building in Slovakia. Moreover, the project has incorporated brownfield renovation of an abandoned former printing warehouse. Green Atrium is designed as a multi comfort house and for the designer, who is also an investor, sustainability and user comfort were top priority. More than 90% of the former building was recycled and the annual heating energy costs have been lowered to about 100 euros per apartment. As well as being very comfortable, sufficient and efficient radiant cooling costs the apartment owners about 30 euros per summer. As the first residential building in Slovakia it is registered to achieve a LEED PLATINUM certification. Green Atrium is the apartment building with the lowest energy consumption and indeed it might be said it is the “greenest” apartment building in Slovakia. In order to help to create a functional community of neighbours, the building contains several common spaces, including a green roof terrace with a beautiful view.


Ing. Ľubomír Marko – SMF – Stavebno-montážna firma Marko

1990: Establishment of the family business SMF Marko 2000: The 15th largest building company in Slovakia – Trnavská stavebná spoločnosť, a.s. 2007: The sale of Trnavská stavebná spoločnosť and again a family business – SMF Marko vrátila k forme rodinnej firmy 2010: Ing. Arch. Miroslav Marko (the son of founder), and a graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa, took the lead of the company

Acoustic insulation
Acoustics system – double layer HD+AA board on twin frames R´w= 52 dB used for interflat partitions
Indoor air quality
Indoor air quality/standard board with Activ´Air used for internal partitions. All internal wall surfaces used AA boards
Load bearing guarantee
Heavy Duty boards/Rigistabil used for interflat partitions
Excellent aesthetics
Rimano gypsum plasters – Q4 and Q3 quality finish for walls and ceilings
Recycling certified
More than 90% of material from the original building was recycled
Environmentally friendly
Expected to obtain LEED Platinum Certification
Term cost
Annual heating energy costs have been lowered to approx. 100 euros per apartment

Key Achievements

  • To create the first passive apartment dwelling house in Slovakia.
  • Comprehensive Saint Gobain solution supported by professional local teams
  • Good relationship between local business units – real habitat
  • Local tests done by SG central team
  • Performance beyond regulatory requirements
  • The biggest multicomfort house in CE Europe
  • Expecting to obtain LEED Platinum level

Key Challenges

  • To create the first passive apartment dwelling house in Slovakia
  • To create a multi-comfort house, focusing on energy efficiency, safety, acoustics, healthier living
  • Not to damage the environment and preserve as much as possible from the former building
  • Start a new kind of living, build a new kind of house with low consumption of energy
  • To show that this kind of house is the future of living


Building owner:
Zelené Átrium, s.r.o., Bratislavská 4, 917 02 Trnava, Slovakia
Ing. Arch. Miroslav Marko, M. ARCH., GREENDWELL, s.r.o., Bratislavská 4, 917 02 Trnava, Slovakia
Main contractor:
Ing. Ľubomír Marko
Tomáš Manina
Saint-Gobain Team:
Marcel Kolesár – Rigips, Ing. Vladimír Balent – Isover, Ladislav Vajda – Weber, Rastislav Svečula – Glassolutions